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tv   KTVU News at 6  FOX  November 6, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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closing right now. you can see them on the map. including the key battleground states of colorado, michigan and especially wisconsin which is the home state of vice- presidential candidate paul ryan. i'm frank summerville. >> and i'm julie hanker. >> residents lined up to cast their votes but thousands have voted with mailin ballots. >> lines in other parts of the country such as ohio and florida have been long. in some cases stretching around buildings. we have coverage throughout the bay area. right now we will start with the race for the white house. rita williams is in boston but we begin with ken prichard in chicago with the obama campaign. ken. >> reporter: just within the past half hour some of the thousands of president obama supporters have been allowed in
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this large event venu. many received tickets because they are chicago residents and live in this area and who agreed to travel and hit the road and go to the neighboring battleground states of wisconsin and campaign for the president there in the last few days. the president wants to thank them. there are many states that are intense. pennsylvania, the romney campaign is focused on that the obama campaign is not truly a contest. a short time ago, we talked to democratic national committee communications director brad woodhouse and he says the final campaign day stop by romney is something that he doesn't blame romney for trying but pennsylvania is not a state where romney has a fighting chance. >> well, i don't think so. david axelrod put it best, pennsylvania is a prayer, not a plan for the romney campaign.
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it is a state that it will be tighter than it was in 2008 but not a state that is going to be in his column. the data that we have, our internal polling, we are doing well. >> was there a lot of swing states that the democrats are looking at? they are looking at virginia and florida. they say that if the president can take one of those, it makes it a much more difficult road for governor romney as we move through the night. as for the election, they say they expect it to be a long night and they expect to have an answer by sun up tomorrow. we will see. i am tim prichard in chicago. rita williams is coming out. >> well, ken, it is here inside the ballroom where tonight mitt romney is expected to appear if and when we get enough votes to know who will be president the
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next four years. now, on his campaign plane to boston, tonight this is what the former massachusetts governor said about the speech he hopes to give. >> i have just finished writing a victory speech. it is about is 1118 words. i'm sure it will change before i am finished because i have not passed it around to my family and friends and advisers to get their reaction but i have only written one speech at this point. >> now, unless you are of a certain age you might not know that mitt romney's father george was governor of michigan and ran for president himself in 1968, losing the republican nomination to the man that became president, richard nixon. >> i think about my dad and mom from time to time and i wish they were around to be part of
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this. >> rather candid talk from the man now 65 ending his second run for president and now in a hotel next to the convention center waiting to see if he will be able to give that victory speech he has written tonight. reporting live in boston, rita williams. channel 2 news. the polls closing in 14 states, some in battleground states. where do things stand. >> we have new numbers including the battleground state of ohio. >> if president obama wins ohio it will be very difficult for mitt romney to win the election, he would have to sweep the other battleground states. the latest numbers out of ohio, you can see president obama has a ten-point lead, 55% to 45% but it is still very early so we can draw any conclusion is from yet. but things are shaping up like they are favoring president obama. now, there we go.
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we want to take a look at the state of michigan. this is mitt romney's home state, his father was an auto executive but not doing well there. president obama is leading michigan in the state of michigan 53% to 47%, a lot of that has to do with the president saving the auto industry and some perceiving that mitt romney was going to let it collapse. >> let's go ahead and head to the southern part of the country. getting new numbers for the state of mississippi an 7 electoral votes. you can see he has been declared in alabama, georgia and south carolina. also want to look at pennsylvania, let's see what the new numbers are there. 20 electoral votes at stake there. you can see president obama winning in this state. and we are also hear that we are now getting new numbers in the state of new york. it has been declared, mr. obama
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has been been declared the winner. no big surprises. we are continuing to watch ohio which you pointed out a few seconds ago and we are watching the big swing state of florida. >> want to mention that president obama has 90 electoral votes and mitt romney has 76. >> california is facing ballot measures including propositions. >> proposition 30 would raise the state sales tax and boost income taxes on higher taxpayers, earmarked for public schools. >> proposition 32 would limit the use of payroll deductions for political contribution, the major would restrict corporate and unidirection state and local candidates. >> and there's proposition 37, requiring food manufactures to label products that contain genetically engineered substances and marketing the food as natural. >> those are just some of the important things that the
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california voters will be deciding. polls here are still open for just another two hours until 8:00. let's see what the turnout looks like around the bay area, we begin with jana katsuyama that is in costa county tonight. >> at martinna's, people have been bringing their ballots and it has picked up and there are people you see over there that have been signing in and volunteers coming into process the ballots. i spoke with the clerk awhile ago and he says there is a few glitches, about a dozen scanners were jamming and one inspector called in six meaning five hundred votes had to cast provisional ballots. there are more voters than ever requesting the vote by mail ballots. machines are tallying the vote by mail ballots with several hours before the polls closed pin cost ta county, the turnout
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has been lower. >> it has been slow. i am hoping it is not typical. >> the clerk says it is surprising for a presidential election year. >> i am thinking maybe 80%. >> surprised to hear it is low because it is presidential election. >> one reason might be there are fewer hot button proposition on the ballot. more people are choosing to vote by mail. 9.3million voters requested to vote by mail. staff expects to have votes as the vote by mail ballots ready by 8. the first glimpse of the election results today. it is usually the last hour the busiest, the polls close at
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8:00 tonight. returning live from martinez, jana katsuyama, channel 2 news. we are live in san jose at the registrar of voters. are people still lining up to vote. >> you wouldn't be the amount of people, since the last report, we went in side and found about an hour wait if you plan to vote. we want to show you the workers are accepting the vote by mail ballots and like you said, there's less than two hours before the polls close. inside we saw a worker saying it would be a long night for them. south bay has a vote by mail population, 73% vote by mail choice about 600,000 people. we asked the rental various how he would describe voting today. >> not seeing any long lines, a lot of people dropping the ballots off and at the precincts, a lot of people are dropping them off. and here is a live look at the line of carses waiting to
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come in. about a half a dozen workers are here trying to get them in. the registrar says there was a fight between two voters at one polling place, he didn't elaborate on what prompted it and said there are no major issues and we are told if you get here by 8:00, even despite that hour wait, before you get in by eight you will be able to vote. live in san jose, channel 2 news. in the south bay, voters are deciding two hot ballot, d would raise the minimum wage from 8 to ten dollars an hour. it includes future increases for inflation tied to the consumer price index. >> and palo alto voters deciding to legalize medical
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marijuana dispenser res. >> there are other stories making news. including accusations that some californiaians that headed east to help storm victims never got the chance to help out. back here in a few, a big cool-down headed your way after record heat. i will have the details.
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>> new results from election 2012. mitt romney is the winner with 68% of the vote compared to 32% for president obama. this was not a surprise. >> also in louisiana, mitt romney declared the winner. this is not a surprise. mitt romney 64%, president obama 36%. as we continue on here. north dakota, mitt romney also declared the winner with 59
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percent and 41% right now for president obama. again this was an expected result. south dakota the same thing. mitt romney declared the winner there with 65% of the vote. again not a surprise. >> back here in california. governor brown is in sacramento to attend a prop 30 event where he will be monitoring the prop 30 and presidential election. amberly is at the state capital with what is happening there. >> we are at the sheraton where governor brown and prop 30 supporters will hold a watch party in less than two hours. right here is the spokesman for yes on prop 30, the proposition that would raise sales and income taxes for folks to help schools. and this is dan newman. in recent polls it shows the proposition lost some steam. how of course are you tonight? >> we are feeling pretty good. the governor has been traveling the state up and down north and
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south and east to west meeting with educators and school superintendents and people fed up with the cuts. we have had to lay off 30,000 teachers and take $20 billion out of our school and the class sizes are the largest and tuition rates have gone up by double for tuition rates and people want to support the schools and supporting prop 30. >> the governor is set to be here sometime after 8:00, that's the latest reporting live in sacramento, amberly, ktvu, channel 2 news. election officials in storm ravished area set up shelters for evacuees. some were able to cast ballots at any polls place. in new jersey voters are being allowed to vote by e-mail or
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fax and they have until friday. >> members of the california international guard arrived on the east coast to help out after super storm sandy, some met with a harsh reality. we are live at moffat field with the troops that headed the call and did not complete their mission. roberts. >> well the local international guard unit at moffat field is back home to help with then hurricane sandy to find themselves grounded. the california international guard 129th rescue wing is making sure helicopters stay in good conditions because members never know when a call for help will come. when sandy was a hurricane, the national guard put out a nationwide call for assistance. governor jerry brown approved the mobilization, a group that specializes in complicated rescues, on october 29th, the wing loaded up planes with equipment and 100 airmen, today some airmen told me they were ready.
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>> whenever we go, we are prepared to do pretty much anything. especially on this last deal. we could have ended up in the mountains just as easily as downtown manhattan. >> the 29th waited on alert for delaware five days. >> we get into an area quickly, the northeast had a large number of resource because they saw the storm coming but when there's no rescue missions to be done, they sent us back. >> airmen admitted being let down. >> the adrenalin is going and you want to help people and that's why we are in this career field. it is a little disappointing when we don't get used but when we reflect back, we are like we are glad we got called. >> the 129th says that deployment is part of a aid system so the natural guard played fort mission.
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channel 2 news. we want to get a chance of the weather. a beautiful day around the bay area, changes are coming quickly. let's go to bill in the weather center. >> big changes. second day in a row, above average temperatures. certainly 90s in the warmest spot. this represents the fog, 23 miles offshore by the fair islands. we are looking for fog at the coast and that begins the cooling but we are looking for major cooling and more cooling as we head into thursday and friday. records today 82 at oakland and 82 at heywood and san jose set a record of 80 degrees -- tied a record of 80s and gilmore broke it of 90 degrees. it will be cooler tomorrow. these were the highs from other selected cities, 82 in haywood and 82 in fremont. temperatures coming five degrees. a big dropoff, the fog is one of the mechanisms and the other is the cool storm from the gulf
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of alaska. the computer model tracks temperatures. greens are 60s and yellows are 70s. tomorrow most of the temperatures upper 60s and low 70s. and then you go to the bay area, microclimate, instead of 80s and 90s like today the warmer spots will be in the 70s. it will be pleasant and a nice day, not just crazy above average like it has been, no records tomorrow. more clouds come in the forecast tomorrow and the clouds thicken up more for thursday. as you look at the headlines, position at the coast and tomorrow calls down and much cooler weather for thursday and friday for this system. fog back at the coast. we go through tomorrow and not much going on and this starts to move in. this looks like nothing but the cooler air. swinging in and by nine a.m. on thursday, showers in the north bay and 1:00, showers in the bay and widely scattered and more showers show occupy thursday night late and then a few scattered showers into
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friday morning early. that will mess up the commute. tracking it and updating it. the computer models will keep changing. the five-day forecast with your bay area in view, unsettled thursday and friday and warming up a bit on the weekend. democratics and republicans and all of the others are lined up and casting their ballots. a steady stream of voters casting their ballots and what the city is doing differently to release the votes this evening.
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welcome back to our election 2012 coverage, more numbers coming in now. the state of kansas, mitt romney the projected winner with 68% of the vote to president obama 32% in the state of kansas. >> louisiana, mitt romney declared the winner with 64% compared to 36% for president obama. >> checking in with another state, north dakota here, mitt romney again, governor romney 60% the winner in north dakota to president obama's 40%. >> and in south dakota, the winner, mitt romney, 59%, president obama, 41%. we can tell you that associated press is projecting mitt romney as the winner in texas, louisiana and kansas, wyoming, nebraska and mississippi, president obama has won new york, michigan and new jersey. again though everything right now is pretty much fallen into
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place the way everyone seemed to think it would be. what we are waiting on is the key battleground states, no indication which way those states are going particularly in ohio, virginia and florida. those are the key results we are waiting for. here in california, voters have big decisions to make when it comes to the proposition, here are three more of the propositions, voters support it or oppose. >> proposition 38 is competing initiative to governor brown's 30, 38 would raise the state personal income taxpayers on a slider scale with revenues going to public schools. >> and 34 would repeal the death penalty and make it life without parole and apply retroactively to the 700 people currently on death row at san quinn ten. prop 36 would readvise the three strike sentencing law and impose a life sentence only
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when a new felony conviction is serious or violent. >> a lot of voters are heading to the polls after they get off of work. they have an hour-and-a-half left to cast their ballots. let's check win john, what are you hearing. >> people are flooding in this place as the workday has wound down. we are at the salvation army headquarters. about 720 people have cast their ballots. we have been watching voters and we have met a couple with political shirts and a political science major that criticizes people that don't vote. >> this is a privilege. they take it for grant the. so having the right to put input into the government, i
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think it is important. >> after 911 i was influenced by what happened then, i had to buy the shirts. but these are the best ones that we have. >> we wear these things once or twice a year. >> like 4th of july and election day. after throwing out the ballots, the voters asking to insert these in the machines that look like shredders. a memory card will be removed to transfer the results. channel 2 news. in san francisco, voters are selecting several ballot measures, david stevenson is at city hall with the preparation for tonight's vote count. david. >> frank, yes, a number of ballot measures that san franciscoians will have to vote for still a 50 minute wait to get into city hall here and vote. take a look at the video we shot earlier. turnout is expected to be strong but may fall below the
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standard 71 turnout for presidential elections in the city. the elections department is trying something new by releasing preliminary hearing results on voting which by midnight will give voters and supervisors in two crowded races the idea of a winner. provisional voting by mail is important with 262,000 ballots mailed out and 131,000 returned as of today. >> there has been a lot of dropping off of ballots i think at the polling places. and that's one thing that we really can't track. there's no number for that. i think that's one of the missing factors tore turnout. >> again we are seeing it get busy in city hall. a lot of the groups are starting to fill up more so than this afternoon when people were trying to get into vote with the last hour-and-a-half coming up we will hear from some of the first time voters and talk about why they made to it city hall and their
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importance of getting in the election. reporting live from san francisco, ktvu news. in. >> when we come back, we head back to the big board to see if there is any other numbers in other numbers in the race for
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president. we are watching the results of this election trickle in and learning who voters are choosing to lead the country. new exit polls are telling the story about issues and why they voted the way they did. john faller is live in the newsroom with what was on voters minds. >> it was the economy. rising prices, chronic unemployment and heavy on the minds of voters.
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a new a p poll, there's a glimmer of optimism, some say it is improving. the stock market figures in here but 25% says they are better off financially than 4 years ago and 33% says they are worse off because of the struggling housing market and 52% says president obama are more in touch with people like them compared to 44% for republican mitt romney. as for president obama's health care law, under 50% repeals that measure and 43% want it left as ease. john faller, ktvu, channel 2 news. our election coverage continues on and ktvu mobile. we will go back live to chicago and boston at 7:00 tonight to check back in with the obama
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and romney campaigns. we will get you results as soon as they become available. and between us and fox, we will be on from now until at least midnight. stay with ktvu, the most complete bay area coverage. we want to go to a startalling story out of north bay. police have arrested three people after the death of a child at a daycare center. christian captain has more on what happened. christian. >> reporter: we have new information from this report from the state, we can tell you it comes from the department of social services. the women arrested did not watch the 4 month-old boy closely enough and lied to investigators about who was on the scene watch that boy when he stopped breathing. >> the magic play children's center was closed now that owner and employees are behind bars. the police arrested yesterday
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as they closed for business, facing charges of involuntary manslaughter for the death after 4 month-old boy on november 23rd. they interviewed from that first day, several interviews with the staff and the detectives. >> reporter: the police investigated to see if it was sids and the level of negligence was criminal. >> the child care providers, did not properly care for child and their actions or inactions resulted in his death. >> the state department of social services moved to close the magic play center. the social service the investigation is shedding more light on what happened. two workers were on hand when the boy stopped breathing at 3:00 p.m. instead of calling 911 the
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women closed their boss claudia gill and they lied to investigators saying that gill was there at the time of the incident when she was not there. the report says that the women took a half hour before they called 911. paramedics rushed the child to the hospital but unable to revive him. >> coming back to the live shot, looking at the morin county courthouse. we are live here, channel 2 news. police in fresno are prompting what left a shooting with two people dead. it happened at valley protein. investigators say a few hours into his shift, 42-year-old paroleee lawrence jones just began shooting. he turned the gun on himself. one survivor was critically injured and the other released from the hospital sometime this evening. wall street rallied as investigators kept an eye on the neck to neck investigation.
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the dow jumped 133 points and the s&p closed up 11 points. home sales and prices are picking up steam. an increasing number of buyers seeing ren prices soar. tom baker is live in lafayette with a look at the rising prices and why politics could disturb the upward trend. >> just like in the situation where you can buy a house at rock bottom prices, you need to act quick because as you can see pretty soon it is late, it is gone. regardless of who wins, housing prices are on the rise. >> i think the day after the election will you see a lot more homes on the market really great. >> according to real estate watchdogs surveys, the price this september were up 3% compared to a year ago even including foreclosures. but take the foreclosures out of the mix and asking prices
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were up 3.6%. actual rent prices up over five percent from a year ago. >> because asking prices are still rising today, that means we are going to keep the sales prices rise and see sale prices rising for next year. >> as to real sales completed, market tracker released a study, september sales prices were five percent higher than a year ago. core logic says it expect the october prices to be 5-point 7% higher than a year ago. in fact 82% of the housing markets are higher than a year ago. the improving housing picture took that out of the election picture. >> it is good that the swing states have seen big price improvements. taking pressure off of the candidates to talk about housing. >> it is about the ability of
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congress to strike a budget deal leading to draconian cuts next year. >> this could be an impediment because it slows down economic growth it will hurt housing demand. >> however becomes president and the new congress will decide. consumer editor, ktvu, channel 2 news. the san francisco municipal transportation agency honored two men for their actions during a dangerous attack on a muni bus last sunday night. [applause] >> that's bus driver allen yam, he stayed calm and kept the passengers safe after an angry mob attacked his bus after a world series celebrations. there was an attack as vandals smashed windows and set the bus on fire on market streets. >> a wise man once said hey,
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you shouldn't fry to get between a group of people trying to attack a muni bus and i said watch me. >> muni gave a reward to the people that identified the man suspected of smashing the bus windshield with a steel barricade. investigators are looking for the two that started the fire. >> some more good news on the housing front. this one affecting hundreds of animals in need of a home. rob roth is live in berkeley with a look at a new animal shelter and why it could help the adoption rate. >> for 100 dogs and cats this new animal shelter is an upgrade. for the first 50 years this was the berkeley animal shelter, no one seemed to like it much. >> it goes back to the old days of what we call pounds. >> it is cement block. not welcoming. >> this afternoon volunteers took the dogs and cats out of
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the shelter on second treat. it is state-of-the-art and has climate controlled kennels. >> communable diseases and kennel diseases among dogs and with the systems in place, we are expecting that the illness rate will go down significantly. >> the shelter was built thank to a $7.2 million bond that berkeley voters passed ten years ago. >> the difficulty was finding a site to locate it and having the stake holders agree to it. that was a delay of 7 years. >> the shelter adopted out more than 550 dogs and cats and with the new location there's hopes to find homes for more animals. >> it will be appealing for people to come here. >> the staff still has some boxes to unpack yet but they will be open to the public tomorrow morning. reporting live in berkeley. rob roth, channel 2 news. san francisco leaders gathered to celebrate one of
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the city's icon, the hotel doormen from 35 35 hotels gathered. willie brown and senator diane findstine were among the dignitaries that attended the lunch. tom sweeney host that event every year. >> as a doorman, we are greeters and guides and valets and ringmasters and work 8 hours a day rain or shine, hailing cabs carrying one thousand suitcases a day. >> sweeney has been dubbed the san francisco's most legendary doorman and has shaken hands with every single president since gerald ford thanks to his job. one of the thing we are watching closely is the balance of the senate and the house. going live to washington d.c. in five minutes. >> also counting the ballots in california, it is important but
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tedious work. a look at what it takes to get it right. another look at the electoral map. here it is as things stand at this moment, president obama with 122 votes governor romney with 155 magic number of course is 270. we are back with more election coverage right after this.
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more election results. the situation in florida, a crucial state, right now it is an exact tie with 81% of the precincts reporting. mitt romney and president obama both have 50%. mitt romney has to win florida if he doesn't, it is going to be a very long night for him. now to california. where election workers have their work cut out for them as they tally the ballots. >> the provisional and vote by mail ballots need to be verified and any damaged ballots have to be redone. a 19615 law requires 1% of precincts picked at random to count their ballots by hand. >> it can be extra complicated because there will be campaign workers standing over the shoulders of these workers while they are verifying the workers and challenging their decisions and that can make it time consumerring and tedious as well.
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>> it could take days to learn the results as some of the close races, counties have until december 4th to certify the results. americans are choosing new members of the house and senate. and it appears that the power will remain divided. let's go back to washington d.c. and scott mcfarland. scott. >> which raises big questions about the questions of nancy pelosi as house democratic leader. let's talk about the land of the senate, 53 and 43 edged for democrats. even republicans believe it is a real long shot now that they will regain control of the senate even though the phone banks are operating and trying to swing the voters on the west coast. in the house republicans have an edge and democrats believe they can pull a close couple of gop suspects. the situation about nancy pelosi will begin by morning and what is next for the long
6:46 pm
time congresswoman from san francisco. >> the democrats of nancy pelosi was expecting a little bit after larger gain in their minority and i think they may decide it may be time for a change. >> giving you a live look at chicago where obama headquarters, coming back to tell you that nancy pelosi spoke down the road from us a few minutes ago. in her speech to the crowd she referenced four more years of president obama. didn't have much to say about the house. there is a lot of speculation, but as it stands. republicans poised to keep control of the house and democrats poised to keep control of the u.s. senate. the congress has record low approval ratings, poised to stay the same. live in dc, scott mcfarland, channel 2 news. ktvu. it is about 6:46 our time. 9th 46 on the east coast. >> we go back now to heather and ken that have new numbers from some of the key
6:47 pm
battleground states. >> one of the most interesting things so far tonight frank is that none of the swing states have been called so far and they are of course critical because as you look at the map as it stands, these are the states in red and blue that have been call by the associated press and no surprises. mitt romney expected to do well in the south and president obama in the east coast. these are the battleground states that have not been called yet. colorado is a battleground state. we do have some numbers and right now barack obama is leading mitt romney 52% to 48%. iowa has no numbers to report right now. that's also a battleground state and in the state of wisconsin that has been leaning towards the president, he is actually trailing right now but there is only about under 50,000 votes for each. there are many more voters in that in wisconsin.
6:48 pm
still early there. no states have been called that are battleground states. >> we want to take a look at the big battleground state of ohio. you talk about big money here, $216 million spent in this state and here is why ohio has 18 electoral votes. this is a close race, right now president obama leading in ohio 52% to mitt romney 48%. we want to take a look now at virginia. and think about this, the federal government has about a quarter of the economy in virginia. it will be interesting to see how the messages of both president obama and mitt romney play out amongst voters in virginia. 13 electoral votes up. 52% for romney compared to president obama's 48% and that key battleground state of virginia. one more we want to look at for you right now and that's florida. remember earlier in this newscast we talked about that
6:49 pm
crucialism 4 corridor and the number of undecided voters that lie in those 6 counties opinion here you gork 29 electoral votes at stake, here is how it is shaping up 50% for romney and 50% for president obama. those three key battleground states that a lot people are focusing on right now along with the other two that ken mentioned of colorado as well as ohio, wisconsin, florida, virginia, a lot at play here. >> there are nine swing states, the most critical. we are waiting for virginia because that was the first day we expected to get numbers from on the swing state. we just don't have them yet and keeping our eye on it and will let you know as soon as they come in. >> we want to talk about social media, for the first time social media is playing a major rom in this election. >> eric, what are people tweeting about.
6:50 pm
>> both obama 2012 and romney other in carnations of those two candidates are trending in the bay area and another hatch tag is stay in line, a message of course to everybody still waiting to vote that if they are in line when the polls close they can still cast their ballots, there are big ballot measures we are watching in california but so far many of the comments are focusing on the race for the president. let's take a look at one now this evening. rene wrote to us on tweeter saying tired of promises and we need change, we are for romney. on the other hand, in the last hour, omega shared this, i am praying president obama wins, he is change and i believe in him wholeheartedly. >> there is plenty of time to let us know what you think. you can join the conversation at or find us on twitter at ktvu. you can add the hash tag 2012
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and take a look at what others are saying. twitter passed the 11 million mark for tweets. flowing in 30,000 tweets a minute. >> we are continuing to monitor all of the results for live election coverage after the
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
break. we continue to update particularly in the crucial battleground states, one of them is florida, right now with 83% of the precincts reporting
6:54 pm
it is still 50-50, split down the middle between president obama and mitt romney. now, moving over to ohio, no republican has ever won the presidency without winning ohio. and right now president obama is in the lead 52 to 42% with 39% of the precincts reporting. right now we want to bring in our political analyst corry cookie, a political professor at uss. it is almost 7:00, we don't have any firm numbers. is this unusual on a presidential election night we wouldn't have any numbers yet? >> it is that close. they take the results and compare them with precinct level results and it is close. unwilling to make calls. but that is in fact unique. >> you been pouring over the numbers, let's look at ohio, virginia and florida, what is the sense that you are getting about where the states will
6:55 pm
land. >> the key areas within those states, obama is outperforming the mark and corridor in florida, doing well in tampa and leading in that corridor and most of the votes counted. if you look at south central ohio a key area for obama he is outperforming where he was four years ago. i think the numbers are positive for him. >> we just want to interrupt, we got new information, pennsylvania they are now calling for president obama. >> and i think this is part of the big issue that people had the election, the expansion of the electoral map, governor romney says that i am not just looking at these 8 swing states but looking at pennsylvania and expanding to wisconsin and min and expanded to michigan, those states don't look good for him. we are back looking at the 8 key states and waiting for the results. the expanded map is looking at ohio, florida and virginia. >> and does mitt romney really have to win two out of three?
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in those cases. >> yes, two out of three and get another couple of surprises, wisconsin, looking at the results in sunday are positive for president obama. we start to look at new mexico, it is getting more complicated. the turnout numbers are a lot higher than people anticipated. the exit polls are showing that the democrats turned out republicans in ohio and virginia and that was something that governor romney did not expect. >> we will talk to you all night. thank you very much, corry. we are minutes away from 7:00 and that means polls will be closing in even more states. >> going over where the numbers are as the election coverage continues for 2012 election night.
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